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Synopsis: Love Beyond The Grave

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Love Beyond The Grave
The sequel to A Love That Never Dies, is almost complete. Let me give you just a sneak preview:

Chapter 2

Doug arrived just a little after noon. I ran out the door to greet him with a big kiss and hug. I was so happy to see him. Doug was a wonderful man. He looked at me and said, “Well, if I had known I would get this type of welcome, I would have come home sooner.” I looked up at him and smiled. I just wanted him to know how much I had missed him. We carried his suitcases into the house and put them in the bedroom for me to unpack later.

I had prepared a little lunch for the two of us. It wasn’t anything fancy, just sandwiches and chips. I knew that we could both use a good home-cooked meal, so I had planned to cook baked chicken sautéed with garlic and lemon pepper that night. Doug was not a hard man to please when it came to eating. As long as he had food, he was happy. I was a pretty good cook, but nothing spectacular. My cooking usually consisted of some type of meat, potatoes and vegetables. Every once in a while, I would bake a pie or cake. Doug was not too much on sweets, but I was. I had to be careful with them because of the weight that they put on me. I wanted to keep my “girly” figure for as long as I could. I may have been getting older in age, but I still looked good for a woman of forty-nine.

 After our lunch, Doug and I retired into the living room. He ask me about the reunion. I said, “Well, it was wonderful to see so many of my old classmates again. We did a lot of laughing and took lots of pictures. But, you know me, I was glad to come home. I wanted to get back and see you. I really missed you so much. Even though we talked everyday, it just is not the same. Will you just hold me for a while?” Doug took me into his strong arms, wrapped them around me and held me tight. I looked up at him, and for a moment, I felt like telling him all about Rob Camdon. Then the moment passed. Right then was just not the time. That story was something best left for another time.

I turned my face up towards Doug and gazed into his beautiful hazel eyes. He bent his head just enough that our lips met. A soft, gentle kiss at first. Then, our mouths parted and Doug knew just how to get to me. The heated kissing and petting soon led us to our bedroom. Doug slowly undressed me. He unzipped my dress and let it fall from my shoulders revealing a purple lacy bra. His hands so gently cupped my breasts, his mouth and tongue kissing all of the right places. As I moaned for more, Doug took off his shirt and pants. He picked me up and lay me across the bed. He lay beside of me, kissing each and every curve of my body. As the moaning for more grew louder, Doug passionately kissed me. He said, “Patricia, you are the love of my life. You always have been. All I have ever wanted is to make you happy and give you what you deserve. I love you so much.” I pulled Doug closer and said, “Doug, you have given me so much more than I deserve. I love you too. Please, make love to me. I need to feel you, to touch you, for us to be one again.” Doug gently caressed and kissed me. It didn’t take long before the two of us were making sweet, unconditional love to each other. “I need you, never doubt that,” Patricia said to Doug. “I will always be here for you and love you no matter what Patricia,” said Doug.

I never doubted his love for me for a second. He was one of the most wonderful men that I had ever known. And even though there were so many times in the past that all I could think of was Rob, I knew deep in my heart that Doug was the right man for me.


Journey To Freedom
Keep watching for an excert... coming soon!

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