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This page is dedicated to some of my fellow authors who I am proud to know and call my friends. I hope you will check out their websites and books as well.

Jewels Treasured by Her Family by Julia Johnson
ISBN # 1-4241-7904-1
Jewels Treasured By Her Family is filled with a unique reality, imagination and humor which leaves you, the reader with a sense of longing. You will long for the depths of love that you will be a part of as you spend a few hours in the life of the Flynn Family.
   The characters in this story are well described and plotted strategically through out the whole story so the reader gets to know them all. You will meet Jewels her sisters and brother. You will commend her mother and father for doing a job well done. The relationship between family, friends, and co-workers will not only impress you but waken you own feeling of humanity.

Silent Stalker written by Ayisha Blevins
ISBN # 1-4241-7268-3

Silent Stalker

I have heard that poetry is an art form that speaks to the trials and tribulations of the human spirit.  Silent Stalker certainly does speak to every part of the human condition, from the loss of loved one to the innocents of playing a game of volleyball.  In reading these poems I found myself caught up in her words.  Ms. Blevins has a way of reaching out and touching your heart and your mind, and making you think back to times in your own life when things as she has described may have occurred.  I found in reading this well crafted poems that I couldn't wait to read the next one.  Thank you, Ayisha for sharing your gift of poetry with all of us.
Reviewed by BJ Myers, author of Justice is Served

The Super Heroes Save Christmas by M J _DaleyPrado
ISBN # 1-4242-9123-8

Review For:The Super Heroes Save Christmas

The Super Heroes Save Christmas, written & illustrated by Author MJ Daley-Prado is a captivating story book for children with lovely illustrations done by the author itself. This proves how multi-talented the Author is. Five stars and two thumbs up! I was really touched after reading this book & consider it a must read. Author MJ is a true talent among talents. MJ is a true find & "The Super Heroes Save Christmas" reflects true treasure. It's a remarkable story about Christmas & gives the message how important it is for the kids of the world to have Christmas presents & without it the excitement dies down at Christmas that Santa would bring them presents they desire so much. But the Super Heroes saved the Christmas for everyone. God helps those who help themselves. It's a heart warming tale. I highly recommend this book to everyone and request the Parents to buy this book for their children. Thank you for sharing your amazing book with me & I look forward to seeing much more of your inspiring talents. 

Written By: Samia Muqueem, Author of ~Visions of the Soul~

Cursed Blood by Amber Grosjean
ISBN # 1424170176
Donna Summers is not your ordinary woman. Her blood is laced with a demonic
curse that takes the lives of anyone who is around Donna on her birthday. The
FBI have been searching for her. They believe they have the cure. Will this cure
be the only thing that can destroy Donna? Or will it save her from the evil curse
that she's been running from all her life?
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Amber Grosjean
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Ida Plassay has inspired me so much. Two of her books, Abandoned Love and Love Of A Lifetime, are a must to read.
Please visit her website at

A Frog Named Waldor by Jacqueline Van Wassenhoven

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Penny Owen